Innovative mining of diamonds and precious metals

  • We combined Blockchain technology and our business
  • We are using smart contracts for quick and safe cooperation with partners
  • We are connecting diamonds and precious metals to blockchain technology by using smart contracts
To invest
Protection of deals
and dependability
High-rate of
years at the market
We are working at mining
more than 15 years
Soil analysis
Soil analysis were
made in Spain
and Portugal
Own occurrences
Developed 8 own
deposits in Yakutia
Own equipment
Licensed equipment
that selects up to 98%
of raw materials from the soil
Processed soil
The soil is suitable
for agricultural using
after processing

About project

Place of origin
Republic of Sierra Leone - State in West Africa
on the Atlantic coast. Deposits of diamonds, gold and other rare earth metals were found according to the results of geological studies in 2017.
Project goal
Organization of legal and financial structure for the legalization and survey of promising areas on accessible lands in order to detect, confirm and register commercially profitable deposits of diamonds with further capitalization of it.
The project will be able to attract debt and equity financing for further development after the expedition and confirmation of preliminary obtained geophysical data:
Organization of full-scale geological exploration on the NI 43-101 format
The withdrawal of an asset to specialized stock exchanges in Canada, Australia, Britain
The organization of independent small mechanized surface mining to ensure positive cash flow
Diamond mining - get closer
to the gold and diamonds!

About us

The Company Diamond mining turns mining of minerals into a highly liquid business with unlimited possibilities. We combined the standard technology of screening the mine dump with effective management and advanced blockchain technology.

We have got a good feeling of the entire production process and can see a half an eye the advanced development after working for 15 years in the mining industry. It helps us to invest in other mining projects wisely and to receive considerable dividends. Join the experts and you are guaranteed to be closer to gold and diamonds.

To invest


Preparation work

  • Access to land
  • Access to exploration maps obtained from 1987 to 1991
  • Understanding of local laws in the area of natural resources, Code of Mining, labor, investment, financial legislation, customs, taxes, safety
  • Access to medical protection against viruses, bacteria, parasites, including Ebola
  • Access to the exploration team and specialists with experience and permits in Sierra Leone
  • Interaction with the group performing remote sounding and geophysical analysis


The company will be engaged in cleaning and processing of dumps with preproduction mining of gold, platinum, diamonds and other rare-earth metals. There is an opportunity to work both on dumps and on rivers (by dredgers). Launching of the project is planned in Guyana as there is an agreement has been reached with the Prime Minister of this state, geological exploration work on soil rating has been carried out and a team of specialists with more than 20 years of experience in geological work has been assembled.

Project goals:

  • Mining of gold, diamonds, platinum and other rare earth metals
  • • Cleaning of dumps from mercury and returning them to the agricultural sector

100% of materials extracted will be sold at current market prices


Ideal Pink

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30 days
Daily reward:
ones a week
Investment amount:
25 - 1000 $
Your profit:

Attractive diamond mining investment project in West Africa

Mining is most profitable in countries with low development level. In economically weak countries there is less competition, cheaper labor, there is no idle cash (investments) and therefore the legislation is completely on the side of the investor. The diamond mining expedition in Sierra Leone, with the further sale of the asset, is one of the best investment proposals for 2018-19.

The project plan is extremely simple:

  1. Organization of the legal structure and access to the legal field of the state of Sierra Leone.
  2. Geologic studies of attractive areas in available land.
  3. Confirmation of the received geophysical data.
  4. Attraction of debt and equity finance.
  5. Full-scale exploration work on the NI 43-101 format.
  6. The withdrawal of an asset to the stock exchanges in Canada, Australia, Britain.
  7. Small mechanized surface mining for autonomous monetary self-sufficiency.

Winston’s heritage

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60 days
Daily reward:
ones a week
Investment amount:
1001 - 10 000 $
Your profit:
10 000

Investment project for precious metals mining in Guyana.

A promising, profitable and even noble project awaits its investors in South America! The Prime Minister of Guyana gave his personal guarantees and secured the agreement with state documents on the comprehensive assistance to investors for gold miners.

Our company has very specific plans for the extraction of diamonds, platinum, gold, and other rare earth metals. Production occurs through the processing and cleaning of dumps, as well as dredging on the rivers. Geological exploration work was carried out (to rate the soil) and a team of proven experts was assembled (with an impressive experience of geological work all over the planet) at the end of 2018

Project goals:

  1. Mining of rare earth metals, platinum, gold and diamonds.
  2. Purification of waste dumps from mercury (to return soil to the agricultural sector).
  3. 100% sale of mined resources at current prices.

Advantages of the project:

We are using our own equipment, which extracts up to 98.5% of the mineral wealth from the excavated ground, simultaneously cleaning dump from cyanides and mercury. It allows to use the worked out soil in the agricultural sector.

We have:

  • Patents for unique technology and equipment.
  • Mining / processing / trading licenses.
  • Certificates of specialists.
  • Agreement with the government of Guyana.

The investor needs to:

  • Have desire and opportunity to pour cash into work.
  • Get registered.
  • Discuss the conditions and sign a cooperation agreement.

Pink Graf

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90 days
Daily reward:
ones a week
Investment amount:
10 001 - 50 000 $
Your profit:
10 001
50 000

High-yeld income business of mining and trading of African diamonds.

The diamond business has become more accessible and closer! We organized a full production cycle, from the extraction of precious gems to the processing and sale of finished jewelry through many trading platforms. We work with diamonds of all sizes, colors, purity, cut and shape. Our "stones" always find their customers.

More about our business:

  1. Mining
    Our "trackers" are looking for diamonds in mines and rivers using special equipment. Primitive diamond is no different from dim piece of frayed glass for an inexperienced tracker.
  2. Sorting
    СGemologists select the most promising samples among the variety found. These gems are sending for processing and cutting.
  3. Processing
    Primitive diamond becomes a diamond at this stage. A gem gets proper number of tables at the right angles, which allows us to achieve a “colorful” refraction of light.
  4. Evaluation
    Evaluation is the final sorting, which determines whether the diamond is good by itself, or it will look better in an exclusive piece of jewelry.
  5. Sales
    To improve business efficiency, we have eliminated intermediaries as much as possible. High profitability makes investing in a project obviously profitable!


If you have a desire to increase your money, the diamond business is prestigious, legal, profitable and promising. Join while the offer is still valid!

Pink Star

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50 days
Daily reward:
ones a week
Investment amount:
50 001 - 100 000 $
Your profit:
50 001
100 000

Sale of a stake in a industrial diamond mining company in the Perm region.

Do you want to get a ready-made diamond mining business in Russia ?! You can purchase your share from 1% to 100% of the company directly related to the mining of precious minerals.

When investing you get:

License for the exclusive right to work with the Earth’s Interior (mining of prepared diamond placers).
Justification of the effectiveness and feasibility analysis of the exploration of diamond placers with the project of exploration reserves in the Perm region.
The placer is fully prepared for immediate industrial mining.
Exclusive right to extract off-balance reserves of the mine.

Until the winter of 2018-2019, the mining was not carried out industrially.
You will need additional investments for the industrial development of specific areas:
Indicators Balance C1: Sands reserves (m3): 9427345.4. Diamond reserves (carats): 204436.7 Average content (mg / m3): 4.35.
Balance C2: Sands reserves (m3): 3836937.7. Diamond reserves (carat): 85318.7 Average content (mg / m3): 4.46.
Off-balance C1: Sands reserves (m3): 3724607.7. Diamond reserves (carats): 40667.7 Average content (mg / m3): 2.19.
Off-balance C2: Sands reserves (m3): 6156986.8. Diamond reserves (carats): 61969.6 Average content (mg / m3): 2.02.

For balance stocks:

  • Cut-off diamond content in a reconnaissance sample to contouring the layer with a capacity of 2.6 mg / m3
  • the minimum diamond content in exploration production for contouring placer width 2.6 mg / m3
  • minimum industrial diamond content in the counting block 2.8 mg / m3
  • the minimum thickness of the productive part of the sand formation is 5 m.

For off-balance sheet stocks:

  • Cut-off diamond content in sample to contouring the layer a capacity of 1.0 mg / m3.
  • the minimum diamond content in exploration production for the contouring of placer width 1.0 mg / m3.

Why choose this investment project?

  1. Business is licit, absolutely legal and even exclusive.
  2. The forecast output of rough jewelry diamonds is 100,000 carats / year or more.
  3. Highly profitable production and low cost of extracted domestic resources.
  4. Limited offer, hurry!


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What is Dimond mining?

Dimond mining is an international investment holding, which started from June 28, 2018 in the Internet.

What does your company do?

Diamonds is an alternative to reliable investment methods that allows you to increase cash in the long term.

Diamonds of Yakutia are one of the purest and whitest, so they are highly valued in the world market.The purity and color of our diamonds is multi-higher of diamonds from Angola or Serlione because the kimberley pipes are deep in the earth and the temperature in this region reaches -50 ° С.

We work with advanced homologous institutes of the world, such as GIA. The company DiamondMining received a certificate from GIA in 2013 year, which is a guarantee of quality at the market of precious metals.

DiamondMining Company has been developing new deposits in Yakutia and mining diamonds using the latest technology for over 5 years. At the moment, we are engaged in attracting investments for the introduction of new technology, which will significantly reduce the cost of diamond production, speed up the process, and also increase production volumes. This technology will make a real breakthrough in the diamond industry. Thanks to the leading engineers who designed this installation, we will become leaders in this niche.

Diamonds are not only beauty, but also an investment in the reliability and stability of the future.

What is your main source of income?

The main income is accumulated from interests on effective transactions of the holding, we invest in the mining of diamonds and precious metals. We also receive income from the sale of our own analysis tools to subsidiary funds.

What are the development plans of the holding?

We plan to hold presentations in different parts of the world, open official offices in the most densely populated areas and enter into new partnerships with promising investment funds and financial organizations to achieve common goals.

Can I make money if I don’t represent financial organizations and have small capital?

Yes, we give the opportunity for private investors to earn money, regardless of geographic location, status and financial position.

How can I become your investor?

To do this, you need to register on our website, enter your personal account and make a deposit to any of the proposed projects.

Can I open more than one account?

According to the rules of the project, you can create only one account. ATTENTION! Creating multiple accounts from a single computer or IP address without prior approval and written permission from the administration will considered as fraudulent activity and will lead not only to blocking the account, but also to a fine that will determined by the administration and can be up to 100% of investment.

What are your requirements for an investor?

You must be of legal age, have access to the Internet and have at least one crypto currency wallet or the payment system wallet we are working with.

How much can I earn and under what conditions?

Your earnings will depend on the amount of the deposit, but it will not fall below 0.5% per day thanks to our reserve fund. For example, if you invest $ 1000, the profit will be from $ 5 per day. You can read more about investment plans on our website.

How long will I receive interest on my deposit?

It depends on the investment plan chosen. The more your deposit, the higher interest you can get on it.

Do you have restrictions on depositing and withdrawing funds?

The minimum investment amount is $ 25, withdrawals are carried out once a week.

How fast is the deposit and withdrawal process?

The balance is replenished in the terms stipulated by the rules of your payment system. In the case of withdrawals, all payments are credited to the wallet of your payment system no later than 96 hours from the time you create a withdrawal request and no later than 120 hours (5 days) for deposits.

Do you have additional bonuses?

Yes. We have a referral program on which you can receive rewards for inviting partners, as well as a leadership career and monthly bonuses. We have 5 levels of the referral program 5% - 4% - 3% - 2% - 1%. Partner remuneration will automatically credited to your account immediately after invited participants create the deposit. This award is available for withdrawal. The amount of remuneration may depend on your status as a leader in the system.

Is my personal data secure?

Yes of course. All information about the participants of the system is stored on dedicated servers with a high level of protection. All transactions are carried out through secure Internet connections.

What should I do if I forget my password?

Use the automatic password recovery form. After filling in the form, a new password will be sent to your email address specified during registration.

Does your company have additional fees?

No, we have not. However, Dimond mining reserves the right to apply fees for withdrawing funds in order to create an insurance fund. Such a fund will be able to protect investors from losses in case of unforeseen situations or a sharp fall in the fixed assets. We will notify our users of any changes by email.

Can I "lose" and not earn?

Of course, our project is not an all-prize lottery. There is always a risk in real business. But the point is that this risk is not just justified, but about minimizing it. That is what we and our business model are focused on.

I have funds in other payment systems, how to exchange it?

We recommend to use the monitoring service of electronic money exchangers - https://www.bestchange.ru, which will help you find a reliable exchanger.


Phone number:
+1 646-829-1687

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